Producer of profiling machines
Long experience in production of sheet-metal profiling machines

DACHPOLL company with long experience in profiling of roofing sheet (since 1978) is now also a producer of roll formers, sheet mills for sheet metal. The production of profiling lines for roofing sheet includes currently:

-roll formers for roof-tile profiling (BD23, BD23ECO, BD25, BD27, BD33, BD23MS, BD25MS, BD27MS, BD33MS);

- roll formers for trapezium profiling (TR7, TR9, TR10, TR12, TR14, TR15, TR18, TR20, TR34, TR35, TR40, TR42, TR45, TR54, TR55, TR56, TR58, TR60, TR75 and the other);

- roll formers for ridge-tile profiling (LPG312 and LPG416);

- machines for cutting, crosswise and longitudinal cut;

- manual and hydraulic decoilers for sheet metal (6 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons);

- packing and foiling machines;

- machines which profile customized profiles (for a special order);








Made manufactures profiled on the technological lines of DACHPOLL, such as roof-tile (made of sheet-metal), trapezium, ridge tile are products of the highest class and the economic construction of their profiles decides that they win with the competition in the market. Sheet mills, made by DACHPOLL company, are the professional, technological lines for sheet metal which distinguish themselves by innovative electronics, control and durable performance.

We profile even dreams